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Hidden Expedition: Devils Triangle

Big Fish Games’ Studios is proud to bring you the first images from the upcoming release of Hidden Expedition: Devil’s Triangle. Following your epic trip to The Amazon, pack your bags and get ready for a trip into one of the most mysterious regions in the world. It’s your job to piece together the mysteries of this historically dangerous and largely uncharted area bounded by the Atlantic coast of Miami, San Juan, and Puerto Rico.

Many long hours went into the creation of the Devil’s Triangle. We were lucky enough to convince Moksha Marquardt, a member of the Hidden Expedition Team, to take a moment and share his thoughts on the development of the game.

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"When we originally sat down to talk about making Hidden Expedition: Devil’s Triangle, the first question on our minds was, how can we make this better than Hidden Expedition: Amazon? Elaborate diagrams were drawn up and scientific formulas were designed and tested; sometimes into the wee hours of the night…

The result is a hidden object adventure game that presents a beautiful and unique world for the player to get lost in. The story that unfolds is a strange, funny and unexpected tale; all hallmarks of a good odyssey.

I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised by Devil’s Triangle; specifically, we have a couple of new tricks up our collective sleeve I think are going to be very popular among the avid hidden object game fans. I can at least promise that the truth about the Bermuda Triangle, which we uncovered during our intense research on the area, is not at all what you may have been led to believe all these years!" – Moksha Marquardt, Game Designer

We hope you enjoy this first glimpse into Big Fish Games’ Studios next big release!

Launching the Seahawk

Launching the Seahawk Screenshot from Hidden Expedition: Devil’s Triangle

The Observation Deck

The Observation Deck Screenshot from Hidden Expedition: Devil’s Triangle

The Architect’s House

The Architect’s House Screenshot from Hidden Expedition: Devil’s Triangle

The Architect’s Front Door

The Architect’s Front Door Screenshot from Hidden Expedition: Devil’s Triangle

The Interior of the Tomb

The Interior of the Tomb Screenshot from Hidden Expedition: Devil's Triangle

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