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Finding New GamesReleasing A New Game Every Day ™ isn’t without it’s challenges. With such a large catalog of games, we have many games that are great fun to play, but hard to discover because new games are coming out all the time.

It’s easy enough to pick the type of gameplay you like (Match 3, Marble Popper, Puzzle, etc.) and stick to it. However, not everyone chooses their games based on the gameplay mechanics.

Sometimes, it’s fun to find games based on the game’s theme, it’s characters, or the storyline.

What do we mean by gameplay mechanics? Well, the main categories we put our games into were created to help us sort our catalog based on how the games are played. For example, will the player be searching for hidden objects, solving puzzles, or matching Mahjong tiles?

An entirely different way to sort our games is to think about the elements of the game’s storyline. Is the game’s storyline based on a mystery, a fantasy, or traveling? What about the main characters? Are they animals, detectives, or pirates? These are just some of the questions we think about when we are trying to find a game to play.

To help you out, we took the time to consider these questions and have created a collection of new game categories to aid you in finding new games to play.

By visiting our site map and scrolling to the bottom of the page, you’ll find a long list of game categories you can use to help you sort our catalog in a variety of new ways.

Besides game themes, characters, and yes, even some gameplay mechanics, you’ll also find franchise pages such as Nancy Drew games, Slingo games, and Dora the Explorer games.

Enjoy snooping around! We hope these categories help you find something new and fun to play.

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