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Trouble getting Flash working on your Android device? That’s because Flash is no longer being supported on Android phones and tablets. HTML5 beat out Adobe Flash in the mobile war last August when the company said it was ceasing development of Flash for mobile devices. To make matter worse, the Flash plugin was removed from the Google Play store and many browsers that had previously worked with Flash blocked it.

The announcement was a bummer for me because a lot of my favorite sites still require Flash. You probably have your own reason for wanting Flash, after all, 100+ million installations can’t be wrong. I recently got a new phone (a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running Android Jelly bean 4.1.1 )and I wanted to watch some competitive gaming on I also wanted to do it without downloading a mobile app. Call me stubborn but I want my phone browser to work exactly the same as the browser on my laptop.

In the past I’ve had good luck with the Dolphin Browser, so I thought that would be my ticket to a full browser experience. I was wrong. When I pulled up the latest version of Dolphin, I was hit with something to the effect of:

“Flash is no longer supported, so we turned it off.”

Flash works just fine on my Kindle Fire with the Dolphin Browser, why did they have to take a good thing away?

After much consternation, I found a solution that worked: The Photon Flash Player & Browser Appsverse, Inc.

After downloading the app, I was watching Flash videos on Hulu and YouTube in a matter of seconds. The playback was fast, the experience was stable and I was in streaming video heaven!

The Photon browser apparently works for iPads and iPhones too:

At this time, Flash is an essential part of a desktop-like browsing experience. It’s pervasive, and the Dolphin Browser’s ability to turn Flash on or off on the fly was fantastic. Now that that option no longer exists, Photon was the best I could find. I’ve also heard that keeping Dolphin 8.5.1 APK and Flash 11.1 APK in your Dropbox is another handy way to always make sure you can get it when you upgrade to your next phone. Let me know in the comments section below if you know of other ways to get Flash working on your android tablet or smartphone. Happy streaming!

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