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Rubiks Cube FrustrationYou’ve tried everything. This must be the world’s first impossible puzzle. You’re ready to give up. Somebody over at Big Fish should have checked this game more thoroughly.

We’ve all been there.

Sometimes even the best puzzle solvers get stuck. With so many variations on puzzle mechanics and options for puzzle manipulation, it’s easy to head down the wrong path.

You’ve taken the time to following our puzzle solving tips, but to no avail. You’re ready to throw in the towel and turn your computer off.

Don’t do it.

It’s time to lean on some of the most valuable resources at hand. Here are 5 options we consider as ‘the last resort’ when you just can’t seem to unravel that nasty puzzle.

1. Check for a Walkthrough

This is always a great place to start. We publish complete game walkthroughs for some of our most popular titles. Many of these even include video of the puzzle being solved. If a walkthrough is available for the game you are playing, it will certainly get you through your sticking point.

2. Search the Forums

If you are struggling with a puzzle, it’s almost certain someone else is too (or did in the past). Chances are good a solution already exists in our forums. Just head over and search for the game you are playing to start your quest for a solution.

3. Check Our Facebook Wall

If you are a fan of Big Fish on Facebook, you can always post a question on our Facebook Wall. There are over 60,000 other fans who might be able to point you in the right direction or give you puzzle solving advice.

4. Phone a Friend

This might be a long shot, but if you have any friends that enjoy puzzles, they might be able to lend a hand. Give them a call and invite them over to join in your gaming fun. Who knows, maybe they’ve never tried casual games. You might be introducing them to a wonderful new hobby.

5. Get the Strategy Guide

For some games, strategy guides exist. These high-powered walkthroughs will take you from start to finish with no hiccups. Check the game page to see if a strategy guide exists.

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