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If you’re reading this article, you’re in search of wrapping paper solutions. If you’re like me, the elusive art of wrapping gifts has escaped you. My first few wrapping jobs occurred like most – as a child, trying to wrap the finger paintings and clay bowls I made in grade school art class.

Now as an adult, I default to gift bags; they make things so much easier than measuring wrapping paper, cutting the paper and then experimenting with folds and tape to get those clean edges we see in professional photographs. For those who don’t want to default to gift bags, use our how to wrap a present guide below.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not a master at wrapping presents, which means I did not come up with the wrapping steps. I came up with the words and tone. The real talent behind the wrapping paper guide was put together by professionals in our office and research; people with far superior wrapping skills than me – like Santa Claus and McDivot from Fairway Solitaire.

Thank you, Santa and McDivot for your contributions. For those who don’t know McDivot – you can find him in Fairway Solitaire, causing havoc while you’re trying to play cards. Anyway, I hope the guide below helps you every holiday season, and during those last-minute birthday present purchases. Happy wrapping everyone.

What You Need To Buy

  • Boxed gift
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

The Steps To Wrapping Success

  1. Prepare Your Tools

Put your arm on one end of your kitchen table and wipe it clean. You’ll need a lot of room for this wrapping adventure. Once you have a clean table, neatly place your tools on the table: scissors, tape, wrapping paper, ruler, pencil, and boxed gift. It doesn’t have to look neat; just make sure you don’t lose track of one of the tools while trying to complete your wrapping task.

  1. Guestimate

Roll out your wrapping paper. Place your gift in the center of the paper, upside down. Roll the paper around the gift, bringing both ends of the wrapping paper to the center of the box until they meet. Now, grab the pencil and mark that distance on the wrapping paper – this is where you’ll be cutting the paper.

  1. Cut the Wrapping Paper

Cut the wrapping paper where you marked the edges.

  1. Grab a Ruler and Measure the Sides

With your cleanly cut sheet of paper, wrap it around the box and tape it in the center with a small piece of tape – just in case we need to remove it later to trim the paper.

  1.  Tend to One Side of the Gift

Fold in the paper on the top and bottom, not the sides.  If there is excess overlap, measure the folded ends of the wrapping paper with a ruler and mark the paper for a perfect overlay – this will ensure you get those clean edges.

With the top and bottom ends folded, now fold the side edges in and measure any overlap. Mark any overlap with your pencil on the paper.

  1. Trim Excess

Once you have your wrapping paper marked, release the edges and trim any excess off the edges. Once trimmed, then refold edges as described above and tape your edges.

  1. Move to the Remaining Side and Repeat

Turn your attention to the remaining side, and repeat steps 4, 5 and 6.

  1. Enhance the Present

Add some glitter, ribbons, bows, snowflakes, birthday memes, cards, or whatever you wish.

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