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Want to increase your immersion in the videogame universes you love? Or need a place to show off your gamer self? Consider modifying your environment to make it more gamer chic.

Videogame Art

Are you the arty type? Etsy is a wonderful place to find handmade videogame items made by hardcore fans:

Another set of beauties from Etsy:

Tour Some Videogame Rooms

There are also a number of ways to best show off your gear, even if you have games well into the thousands:

One peron’s NERD CAVE tour:

Got mega bucks? Here’s a dream room that any gamer would love:

No videogame room is complete without classic Pinball nirvana:


Videogame Room DIY Projects

Even more ambitious (and own your house)?  Trace a design onto walls using a projector, and impress everyone with your ambient videogame mural:

You can try a design like this, or come up with your own:

Fans of games series like Halo can try this Halo mural timelapse video:

And here’s a room with step by step instructions on how to build your own:

Need a budget-friendly version?  Try this easy DIY kid’s room:

Collages are another quick and easy way to automatically gamify your space.  Print out images online or collect from magazines and assemble them into a collage on poster board using rubber cement as an adhesive.  Spray with gloss acrylic spraypaint to keep it looking shiny and fresh.

Don’t be afraid of color. Love Mario? Paint a wall red and cover it with wall art like decals (you can find them on Etsy, eBay and even  Use search terms like ‘wall decals’ and ‘video games’ to find them.

Do you have a videogame room or space or planning to make one?  Post a link and we’ll feature it in an upcoming article.

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