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Leading Ladies of Puzzle Adventure Games

In the world of casual games, we love our quick witted heroines. When it comes to brains, resourcefulness, and determination, this group is second to none. Indiana Jones you say? Lara Croft? Any one of the leading ladies listed below could hold their own with the Tomb Raider or the whip cracking professor.

Whether a hard nosed detective, a world class archeologist, or an intrepid adventurer, most of us have stepped into the shoes of at least one of the women listed below. Now it’s time to give them their time in the spotlight!

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Nancy Drew

Leading Lady, Nancy DrewKnown for her instinctive sleuthing talents, her compassion for those in need of help, and her determination to succeed in solving the most baffling mysteries, Nancy Drew is the classic teenage detective.

First appearing in 1930 in book form, Nancy Drew has found her way onto television, film, and in 1988, video games! Don’t hesitate to hop in Nancy’s roadster for an introduction to a classic American character or a trip down memory lane.

Check out our collection of Nancy Drew Games!

Samantha Swift

Leading Lady, Samantha SwiftSamantha Swift takes on the role of renowned archeologist who takes great joy in unearthing hidden treasures to share with the museums of the world. She illustrates a fearless nature as she takes on wild adventures in search of new treasures.

Follow her on quests for Alexander the Great’s timeless and mysterious Scroll of Wealth and the artifacts of the Roses of Athena. She even confronts the evil Markus Payne and his devious agent, Colonel Tempesta as she races across the globe in a daring search for the missing pieces to an ancient treasure from Atlantis.

Check Samantha Swift in Mystery From Atlantis.

James Patterson Women’s Murder Club

Leading Lady, James Patterson's Women's Murder ClubWhile this is actually a group of women (Jill Bernhardt, Lindsay Boxer, Claire Washburn, and Cindy Thomas), we’re including them nonetheless. Anyone who investigates murders is pretty impressive in our book!

Lindsay Boxer is a homicide detective for the San Francisco Police Department. Claire Washburn is the Chief Medical Examiner for San Francisco. Cindy Thomas is a hotshot crime reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle. Together, they make up the Women’s Murder Club and solve crimes in their home city of San Francisco. They’re also known to discuss clues over Mexican food and drinks at Susie’s.

Join in with the Women’s Murder Club in Twice in a Blue Moon.

Natalie Brooks

Leading Lady, Natalie BrooksMuch like Nancy Drew, Natalie Brooks is a world famous teenage detective with adventure in her veins! Treasure hunting seems to be in her blood as her Grandfather is a world renowned archaeologist.

In one of Natalie’s adventures, her Grandfather finds himself needing Natalie’s help when he is kidnapped and held for ransom for an ancient treasure map. As if that wasn’t enough, she has to stop the Black Cat Gang from committing the crime of the century! Natalie’s forte is adventure-style questing with hidden object mechanics and in-depth storytelling featuring comic book-style interludes.

Join Natalie Brooks as she attempts to solve the Mystery at Hillcrest Hill.


Leading Lady, CassandraA mystic apprentice who possesses unique mind-reading magic tricks and fortune-telling wisdom. Cassandra communicates with the spirit of the great Nostradamus as she seeks to recover her stolen magical ring and banish a mysterious demon that has come to our world.

Cassandra is a an up-and-coming heroine whose amazing talents to communicate with the dead set her apart from the rest of this group.

Follow Cassandra in the Fifth Son of Nostradamus.

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