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Lifeline 2Have you been itching to help Arika on her quest on your Android device? Now’s your chance! Lifeline 2 is now available on Android. In this sequel to the smash hit, Lifeline, the player enters an alternate reality of magic and mystery.

Lifeline 2, like it’s predecessor, is a real-time pick your path adventure. Players receive notifications on their devices as though they’re really communicating with Arika, like a voice from another world. They guide her through a journey to save her brother and seek retribution for the tragic events that plagued her family years before.

Here are some of the things people are saying:
The story line is as well thought out as the first in fact I’d say it’s even a little better at least thus far

Extraordinary, Supernatural, and Confounding

I do enjoy these stories, game is not the right term for them. It’s more like getting caught up in a good book where you almost feel like you’re part of the story, yet now you are.

Check out this preview for for Lifeline 2 to get into the tone of the game before playing:

Once you’ve done that, you should definitely play through the Pick Your Path adventure we created right here on the blog for the release of the first Lifeline Game on Android. You can find that Here.

Lifeline 2 is of course available on iOS as well.

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