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3 Minute Games Lifeline 2

Players fell in love with Taylor in the first Lifeline game just a few months ago. Now we have the opportunity to get to know Arika, an intelligent and courageous mage (Magic user? Witch?) in Lifeline 2. The game was released earlier this week and is already receiving great feedback from those who’ve stepped up to guide Arika on her quest.

Arika is a different character from Taylor but she’s really sarcastic and cracking jokes all the time but she’s serious too. It’s a deeper story and even though I wasn’t sure about it at first I’m liking it even more than the original so far. ~iTunes Reviewer, M$&@B

Lifeline 2 is almost twice as long as the original game and takes players to the magical [alternate] reality of the Pacific Northwest. Players’ choices guide Arika as she goes on her mystical journey to avenge her parents, save her brother, and protect humanity. Texts from Arika arrive in real time, furthering the immersive feel of the game.

Helping [Arika] on her mission to save her brother and avenge her parents kept us spellbound the whole way through. ~App Store Editor’s Notes

Check out the interview below with Colin Liotta, one of the brilliant minds behind the Lifeline series. He takes us behind the scenes of the development process of the games and also gives us a brief glimpse of his own carrier in the games industry.

3 Minute Games learned a lot from the release of the first Lifeline and because of it, Lifeline 2 is a deeper, darker, more immersive experience for players. But, it’s still the series that fans of the first game grew to love. And to those who were hoping to see a glimpse of Taylor in the sequel; never fear, we haven’t heard the last of our intrepid scientist/astronaut!

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