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Stuck in Lifeline: Crisis Line? Here are some tips to beat the houses!


The Rosedale House

  • Go upstairs and talk to the bird (do not kill the bird).
  • When the green-eyed woman appears, tell Alex to run forcefully (saying it nicely will lead to death). 
  • Tell the bird a destination (any will work).

Jason and Mia’s house

  • When the greens arrive, tell Alex to go after them and shoot them (it doesn’t matter if you shoot the man or the woman).
  • Pro Tip:  The code to the safe is 06011926

Rod’s house

  • Explore the living room to find the car payments and prescription (addictive pills).
  • Be kind to Rod and ask for the video.
  • Examine the work bench for the missing crescent wrench. 

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