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Big Fish Games Mac Update

We’re happy to announce a major site update for our Mac users! We’re working hard to bring our Mac game offerings up to par with our PC line. It has taken some time, but our first major initiative is now live and we couldn’t be more excited.

Now, when visiting Big Fish Games, the site will recognize if you are on a Mac and move you along to the Mac home page. Once the page loads you’ll see it uses the same layout as the standard PC Game Downloads home page, but features only games available for the Mac. Basically, we now offer a Mac Games version of the home page that takes you directly to Mac versions of our games. Of course, you can still switch to the PC version of the site by clicking on the PC Game Downloads tab. In fact, you can switch between Mac and PC at will by clicking on the tabs. Power to the user!

One other change you likely noticed is the color scheme. You can differentiate each section of the site (PC, Mac, or Online) based on the overall color scheme. Blue for PC Game Downloads, silver for Mac Game Downloads, and yellow for Online Games.

Big Fish Games Color Styles

Most importantly, we’re looking to release more games for the Mac (Picman, aka Paul Thelen, has even asked users to post Mac Games they want to see us carry in the Forums so we can try to get more games quickly).

To celebrate the update, we’re having a Grand Opening Sale and offering every Felix’s Favorite Mac Game for the incredible price of only $2.99! Just use the promo code FELIX during checkout to get the discount.

Here is what our users in the Mac games forum are saying:

The reorganization of the Mac tab on your site is perfect. Just what I wanted. I don’t feel left out anymore. Hoorah! – Libbalou

Wow ! I was so awestruck… Thanks ! – Wrazzled

Gorgeous, beautiful, useful… this Mac user feels like you really care about us now! – iceprincess0966

I just hope I’m not late for work today. :) – RyeMcLaughlin

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