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MCF: Dire Grove

With the release of the Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove sizzle reel, speculation about the game has accelerated dramatically. Every MCF game has had secrets buried within and MCF: Dire Grove is likely no different. The question is, how much was shared in the sizzle reel? Big Fish Games’ Studios is tight lipped regarding what is or is not in the video (they responded to my desperate pleas with slightly evil smiles).

That being the case, it is up to us to contemplate, speculate, conjecture, and guess at what the video is trying to tell us.

I’ve captured the most intriguing posts from the Dire Grove Speculation forum thread for you to take a look at. You’ll be interested to know I ran these by Studios and they looked a little nervous…keep the posts coming!

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tunaontoast on Nov 10, 09 1:03 PM

OK, car in the video has a license plate which is…JXH2M6…..any suggestions ????

emmyjayne on Nov 10, 09 1:14 PM

When the grad student is making her presentation it looks like the slide shown on the screen is a grave yard (with Celtic cross headstones). So I wonder if they open a crypt gate that let’s something evil out where it’s been buried…

jbentley on Nov 10, 09 1:24 PM

Maybe they get stuck in a crypt in the grave yard!! Oooooh!!! Maybe the door is to a crypt! Or maybe there is an underground crypt like the catacombs!! Maybe something is unleashed in that building?? Maybe it’s Victor!!

weissvonnix on Nov 10, 09 1:24 PM

Did you notice that on the top of the crypt things portal is written SHADY GROVE?

bedheadkg on Nov 10, 09 1:31 PM

I’m not sure, but I don’t think that is a crypt. If you have another look at the original picture (assuming you are geeky enough, like me, to have saved it) that looks like the main door to the house on the sign. The one that’s right in the middle of the picture of the house.

cadfael on Nov 10, 09 1:42 PM

At the end of the video, where it says, Is it just a game?; look to the left and I think I can make out a face screaming.

jbentley on Nov 10, 09 1:53 PM

So maybe there is a tie in afterall!! I keep seeing these 4 kids running thru the catacombs (or something like it), and them being chased by Victor. Maybe the circus from Madame Fate is there…

firekat7 on Nov 10, 09 1:56 PM

Hey Bentley, when you check it out, find out what Rose’s last name is. The carpenter that was killed was Frank Williams. Maybe Rose was his wife (although the carpenter was killed before Rose started tending to Emma, maybe she had already been there as housekeeper).

emmyjayne on Nov 10, 09 2:09 PM

Kinda seems Russian – so someone that was a Russian circus performer is buried in the crypt at Dire Grove in the UK. That’s where the Russian circus performer and English nobility tie in, maybe?

weissvonnix on Nov 10, 09 2:32 PM

There’s one point l wonder about, why does someone name a building (crypt or manor) "GROVE"? And why are there roots at the portal sides coming from inside of the house? Think it is a house, because the following scene is inside and you can see something like a opened door or a window…

weissvonnix on Nov 10, 09 2:47 PM

Could it be possible the portal isn’t the direct front door to the house, but something like a gate to a yard in front of the real building? Maybe there’s something like a graveyard, where the celtic cross would be, that was on the sign and in the pic of the presentation.

bedheadkg on Nov 10, 09 2:51 PM

There is a graveyard in the video though, with several celtic looking crosses though. Might have imagined it but was there a graveyard in RTR, on the cliff behind Victors cottage?

lilgirl88 on Nov 10, 09 3:16 PM

Ok sorry to bring this up again but after listening to the ending of the video many times I’m pretty sure she’s saying 1) I didn’t turn it on…I’m sorry or 2) I didn’t turn it off…I’m sorry.

emmyjayne on Nov 10, 09 3:39 PM

On the doorway below "Shady Grove" is a stone face many have already mentioned – it looks female. But there are also two younger-looking female faces, one on either side of the doorway. Rose and her two daughters?

zamud on Nov 10, 09 5:36 PM

At the very end of the video, you can see a female face under the ice on the left side and then what looks like a male face under ice on the right. It looks like they are screaming. Whatever it is, it looks like they are dragged under the ice alive.

tunaontoast on Nov 10, 09 6:00 PM

You know I was trying to figure the same thing. I figured 2=to, M=MCF and 6 for MCF6, but the JXH???? Maybe we’ll just need to remember it for the game?

ImLeza on Nov 10, 09 8:41 PM

I’m pretty sure the girl at the end says "I didn’t mean to turn it on, I’m sorry" ( another diabolical machine perhaps? ) When the girl is frantic alone in the car, what is stuck to or against the window to the left of her head?

Purplerabbit on Nov 11, 09 5:50 AM

Had a good read through. Nobody has mentioned one of the guys says "Dire Grove. Closed for the season." I’m guessing Shady Grove has the nickname of Dire Grove.

Sinsaint on Nov 11, 09 6:05 AM

In the video I paused it at 31 and there are definately two cars. They are being chased by someone.

jbentley on Nov 11, 09 6:20 AM

Here are some observations while watching the video on MCF and on You Tube…..I think the girl with the flashlight is in the crypt!!

weissvonnix on Nov 11, 09 12:49 PM

Just a thought for the last scene (the girl in the car), if you look at the front shield you can see the wiper. For me it looks like there is still snow on it. So couldn’t it be an avalanche that overwhelmed the car?

GretchenMH on Nov 12, 09 12:37 PM

At the end of the trailer, it sounds like she’s saying "I didn’t turn it off, I’m sorry.". We know at the end of RTR, Charles wanted Victor to take a device and run. So…assuming the time machine is not the device itself (waaay too obvious), maybe Victor took it and hid it in the area where Dire Grove takes place (deciding that actually hiding it in Ravenhearst would be a bad idea). He hides it in 1895, and dies sometime after. (He looked very old in RTR)

Fast forward over 100 years later. Our intrepid students in the course of exploring Dire Grove stumble on the device. Not knowing what it is, they turn it on. This unleashes some supernatural force or causes some sort of supernatural disturbance that (eventually) kills/traps all of the students. Our job as the detective is to figure out how to reverse the effects of the device, and free the souls of the students.

This has the requirements of a tie in to Ravenhearst, the area and victor’s device. It also stays true to some of the hints released. What was it that picman said, that Victor was not the only source of evil in the world, and that he might not be making an appearance? If Victor has died after going back in time and hiding the device…the game could mention him without requiring an appearance by either a ghost or the man himself in person.

jbentley on Nov 12, 09 1:10 PM

Leza, I don’t think they dug up anything in the graveyard, I think they were burying something beside the road. There is a car following them and the car with the students slam the brakes on. I think the kids set something off when they got there..I think it has something to do with what is behind the door…

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