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Mime Something App
We’re happy to announce the silent launch of Mime Something, the newest mobile, social gaming sensation from Big Fish Games.

Feeling like life has you trapped in a box? Need something to lean on? Mime Something leverages iOS FaceTime and Android Video to let you express yourself to all your friends – without saying a word! Test your stamina as you compete in mime-off marathons.

“Since the dawn of civilization, humans have been driven to mime. Mime Something brings together those thousands of years of theatrical innovation into one modern package. We’re absolutely dumbstruck by the opportunity to stand as part of this legacy,” said Pat Wylie, Big Fish Studios Vice President.

Find out why 35 million players are already hooked. Visit the official Mime Something page and get your entire body in on the fun!

What People are Saying

“!” – Marcel Marceau

“Sacre maroon! Le Mime Sometheeng est zee love of my life!” – Pepé Le Pew

“Wait… what?” – OMGPOP

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