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Commuting to work, or using public transportation as your everyday mode of transit, is not only becoming more popular due to its positive economic impact. It is also a great way to utilize your mornings and afternoons to catch up on some work, do some reading, or enjoy your favorite mobile games.

If you’re a gamer and you’re using your commute to level up, you’ll need to be strategic about what games you have on deck. Take a look at our tips on how to use mobile games to make any commute or bus ride pleasant – and of course avoid any social interactions, because who needs that in the morning?

How & Why Major Cities Make the Commute

More and more people each year are flocking to public transit, and the reason is obvious: to spend more time with their smartphones. In fact, a new study found that just the idea of having constant connectivity during a commute encourages people to use public transportation. This study found that in 2015, 56.2 percent of Chicago rail riders used their smartphones while using transit, meaning that commuters in major cities are utilizing their smartphones more. This also means a higher demand for quality, time-consuming mobile games. Making public transportation a part of your morning commute means learning how to adjust your body language so that you’re not bothered by other passengers, learning how to navigate bizarre social situations, and becoming a master of deflecting distractions. The great news — games can help with this!

Selecting the Right Game for the Commute

Now, with roughly an hour each way, you’ll need to optimize your mobile gaming time, and there are many factors that go into your choice of game. You don’t have much time for distractions. For example, how long can you play the game without getting bored? How long are the levels/games/tasks? And how easy is it to put down when you’ve finally reached your destination?

We suggest that for the ideal morning commute, you select games that:

  • Do not require a lot of reading. This can cause motion sickness in a lot of people, and that is never a great start to any morning.
  • Are well-written. You want to be immersed and entertained, which means you should look for games that are riveting in their storytelling and…
  • Are visually pleasing. Stunning graphics can change a lot in terms of attention span. If you’re on the bus and not interested in the view, then you’ll want to let your eyes explore the visually pleasing world of the game world you’ve entered.
  • Require time management skills. You want your commute to be productive, right? Choose games that require you to manage your time effectively and help you increase your reaction time, attention span, and dexterity.

Our top pick for the game sure to check off all the boxes on our list and provide the most pleasant commuting experience is one like Cooking Craze. While it’s not an adventurous trek into a world full of complex storylines, the narrative is easy to follow, it is fast-paced, and it helps you improve your time management skills.

The Future of Mobile Gaming & Computing

Joseph Schwieterman, the director of DePaul University’s Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development, states that “Heavy users of mobile technology are finding train travel to be particularly amenable to their digitally oriented lives.” Whether you want to kill time, avoid awkward conversations with strangers, or actually advance in your favorite game, you can rest assured that you won’t be the only one. Mobile gaming during a commute is becoming increasingly popular and can make even the toughest of journeys fly by.

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