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We have some great news for fans of crooning Monsters! A new update is now available for My Singing Monsters!

The ancient magic of the wishing torches has been rediscovered! When you light a wishing torch, it improves the chances of breeding rare monsters! The more torches you have on an island, the better your chances!

Other new features:

  • NEW Stats tab in Info menu of monsters and castles, including new Island Rank system
  • NEW Ethereal monsters: Boodoo and Jeode

This is a critical update, so it should show up in your Big Fish Games app. Just click to install the update. If that’s not showing up, just follow these steps:

1) Click on the ‘Options’ cog on the top right-hand side of your app
2) Go to the ‘Downloads’ tab
3) Select ‘Manually’
4) Click the ‘Check for Updates’ button
5) Follow the prompts to install the update
6) Enjoy!

If you’re a sucker for anything cute and fluffy, you’re going to love this game! You have become the caretaker of an island where you can hatch, grow, and breed your very own singing monsters! Each monster sings their own unique song, so the more monsters you have, the cooler they all sound together.

As with most collecting games, you start out with a pretty rough space to work in, and just a few basic monsters. Your first little friend is Noggin, he looks like a rock with big caveman hands and feet, and cute green eyes. Every type of monster has a description that tells you a bit about them, what they’re like, what kind of music they sing, and so on. Meet Noggin!

Isn’t he adorable?! Once you’ve hatched him, he bounces up and down a little, playing the top of his head with his hands like a drum, providing the baseline for your monster song.

Next up us Fluffy, a type of monster scientifically called a Mammot, who looks like a goofy Yeti. He sings bass, and just bums along. I would seriously love a plushy version of this guy, to snuggle with. He just looks so soft!
Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

Your final introductory critter is Jebbles, a Toe Jammer. He’s a little blue blob with a bunch of…you guessed it, toes!

As you get further along in levels, you can also breed your little monsters, to make new monsters. Each monster has a specific element, so for example Fluffy is a snow element, and Jebbles is a water element. Breeding them together results in Maw, a pink eyeless fluffball with a great big mouth, and long tongue.

How you got pink from blue and white is a monster genetics mystery I’ll never understand. But hey, he’s cute, and sings tenor, so who’s going to argue?

As you get more and more monsters, you can breed them in increasingly complicated combinations, to come up with tons of different spawn. This is a much cheaper way to get the cool monsters, instead of having to use in-game currency to buy them from the market. Plus it’s a surprise every time you get a new one!

The whole time you’re in the game, your monsters are singing, because that’s just what they do. When you move around the island to get a better sense of your bearings, or to clear some space for new monsters and buildings, they get quieter, just like you’ve walked away from them. Plus if they get annoying, you can mute any of the monsters. They’ll still be dancing and bopping along with their buddies, just not making any noise, which is a great function that I’m a huge fan of as you get more monsters.

So, how do I get this awesome game, you ask? If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can download it directly from the App store. It was developed by Big Blue Bubble, and they did a great job with this mobile game. But what if you don’t have an iOS product, and still want to create your own monster choir? Never fear! We here at Big Fish are super excited to announce that we’ve just released it on our PC site! You can download it totally free right here!

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