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Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove Collector's Edition

Big Fish Games is set to release the much anticipated Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove in early December, however the MCF team indicates there will be a special release in time for Thanksgiving, exclusively for Big Fish Game Club members.

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On November 25th we will launch Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove – Collector’s Edition. Why a Collector’s Edition? The Mystery Case Files team built this special version of the game to be a one-of-a-kind MCF experience like nothing you have played before. The Collector’s Edition launches several weeks early and includes secret bonus levels, additional puzzles, and other intriguing “extras”.

MysteryCaseFiles:DireGrove Screenshot 1

Note: This is $19.95 Collector’s Edition is offered as a “Buy Only” special release (coupons and credits will not apply), available for Game Club members only. The Collector’s Edition, in addition to the bonus game play and extra levels, includes the following:

  • an in-game contextual strategy guide
  • a challenge and achievement badge system
  • a behind the scenes section with concept art
  • video out takes and much more…

So, if you are a big Mystery Case Files fan and you want a unique MCF experience, cancel your Thanksgiving holiday plans now! If you are not in a hurry and do not want to pay for the extras, don’t worry, the standard version of the game with a free trial and normal $6.99 price will be released in early December when it is completed.

MysteryCaseFiles:DireGrove Screenshot 2

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