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The cards are on the table. Are you ready to face your fate?

Big Fish’s “Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival” is the tenth installment of Big Fish’s most popular hidden object adventure game launching today on PC and Mac.
The “Mystery Case Files” series has been downloaded more than 100 million times and loved by fans around the world. This latest installment is a return to the franchise’s roots of deep puzzles, numerous mini games, and dark intrigue. It includes one of the franchise’s most beloved characters – Madame Fate, a gypsy fortune-teller, and her black cat, Isis, acting as your helper and guide.
Get a glimpse of the fun waiting you:


How It Begins…

An anomaly has brought you to an abandoned location, where you make out the remains of what appears to be a carnival. You go to investigate and quickly realize something wicked is at work. The spirit of the deceased Madame Fate appears to warn you of a curse that has taken over the carnival and the horrific end that awaits the carnival’s acts if you don’t make haste and save them!

If you are a “Mystery Case Files” fan, you will recognize many of the carnival’s occupants, having met them once before when you last ventured into these grounds. But beware as you rush to aid those in peril, for the mind behind the curse is both clever and mad. There are evil minions watching your every move, many waiting just around the corner. It’s a good thing Madam Fate lets you have her beloved cat Isis to help you when you need it most.

“Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival” is more than just a great adventure. You can also use your super sleuth skills to find numerous collectibles and in-game currency that can be used to pamper Madame Fate’s beloved cat, Isis. The tenth installment is packed with great game features that keep the game’s mysterious air.

We have pulled together a list of what awaits you:

  • To uncover the clues you’ll need to defeat the dreaded Carnival Curse, search through 15 mysterious hidden object scenes.
  • In an eerie abandoned circus setting, revisit old acts, like Amazing Larry and Marlena Mermaid, who have found themselves in the most harrowing of predicaments.
  • Take care of Madame Fate’s worship-worthy cat Isis, who if treated well will provide you with help and guidance along the way.
  • Solve over 20 mini puzzles to help you receive items you need to advance.
  • Earn money to spend on more than 16 purchasable items in the game store.
  • Experience 5 different difficulty modes of play – from Easy Knievel to Monstrously Tough to time-mode play in Alister’s Watch.
  • The Collector’s Edition version comes with fantastic extra features, including an integrated Strategy Guide, the ability to download soundtracks, wallpapers, screen savers and concept art, as well as bonus game play that contains more secrets of Fate’s Carnival.
Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival

Are you clever enough to thwart the evil behind the curse of Fate’s Carnival!? Find out. Take the ride to this new adventure and share your feelings by posting comments here or by visiting our dedicated MCF Facebook page.

Play Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival today on PC & Mac!

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