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Ravenhearst ManorThe process of creating a new Mystery Case Files game requires a great deal of work by many talented people within Big Fish Games. Some of those individuals are the Big Fish Games Studios’ artists. These artists spend a great deal of time drawing, painting, and rendering the graphics you see in select Big Fish Games releases. Before developers began creating Return to Ravenhearst, concept sketches and paintings were created to help the development team better visualize game play locations. These works also help everyone involved better understand the style, tone, and overall feeling of the game. To help fans of Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst better understand some of the artistic steps involved in creating the game, we wanted to share some of this early concept art work with you.

Ravenhearst Manor

Sketch of Ravenhearst Manor perched high atop ominous cliffs.

Ravenhearst Estate Above Cliffs

Front Gate to Ravenhearst Estate

A very rough piece that clearly shows the location of the first puzzle players have to solve on the left column.

Ravenhearst Estate Front Gate

Front of Ravenhearst Manor

Another rough piece that would go on to be the model for the in-game start up screen. Ravenhearst Manor Far

Ravenhearst Manor Front Door I

A very early piece illustrating the Ravenhearst Manor front porch. Notice the second story porch that was decided against in the final design.

Ravenhearst Front Door I

Ravenhearst Manor Front Door II

A later version of the previous piece. Notice the left window has yet to be boarded up.

Ravenhearst Front Door II

Ravenhearst Manor Front Porch, Left

The left side of the front porch prior to the addition of the hanging plant and what lies within…

Ravenhearst Manor Porch, Left

Ravenhearst Manor Front Porch, Right

The right side of the front porch prior to the addition of the statue of Rose and the ladder.

Ravenhearst Manor Porch, Right

Gate to Garden

The garden gate and surrounding area. Notice the notes by the artist in the margins as well as the other thumbnails.

Gate to Garden Area

Ravenhearst Garden

Concept piece showing the garden area players find once they solve the puzzle and open the garden gate.

Garden Area

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