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Nick Chase: A Detective Story for iPhone

We’re happy to report Nick Chase: A Detective Story is being featured on the iTunes App Store this week! Along with Shrek Kart and Rock Band, Nick Chase can be seen on the rotating header on the Apps home page. That’s good company to be in!

This marks the first release from Big Fish Games to be featured by the App Store and we’re extremely happy about it. We’re publishing games for the iPhone and iPod touch as quickly as we can with many great titles targeted for future release.

Nick Chase is currently rated as 4 Stars and we think it is more than deserving. Here is what people who’ve played the game are saying…

"This is a slick game from start to finish – top of the line artwork, voice acting, and game play." – krazyfingerzz

"This game is by far the best hidden object game I have played on the iPhone, since I got it. So good, I even went to the site and downloaded the PC version!" – 16weeks

"This really is a great game. Instead of just looking for random items that have nothing to do with the plot or scene, both the objects and the puzzles in this game serve a purpose so you don’t feel like you’re just doing the same things over and over. Waiting for the sequel!" – Hidden Object Lover

Here are a few words from iPhone gaming blogs around the web…

"As for Nick Chase on the iPhone, the game is a fantastic example of what can be done with high quality artwork and a great story line." – Penny Gamer

"Character voice casting is excellent from Nick, our Humphrey Bogart style PI’s monologue to the butler’s typical accent to the tough-talking policy boss…the scripts were well written and voice acting very convincing." – MobileTechReview

Max Thornton, the Producer of all iPhone games at Big Fish Games had this to say…

"We are very fortunate that we have great relationship with Apple, and we feel especially thrilled to have such a great placement for Nick Chase. However, better yet are the great reviews we keep getting from fans of the game! We’d love to hear your ideas for the sequel !"

You can see the our collection of games for the iPhone and iPod touch at the Official Big Fish Games iPhone Games site.

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