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Peggle DeluxeIf you’ve played many games from Popcap Games, you’re probably aware of the fact that they like to embed cheat codes for players to find and use to enhance gameplay.

The following cheat codes can be used in Peggle Deluxe to enhance your gameplay and help you get better scores.

We’re sharing two different types of cheats here…the first can be accessed by typing on your keyboard. The second one is actually just a ranking you can earn. Have fun!

Cheat Codes

Each of the following cheat codes can be entered at any time during gameplay to achieve the effect listed. Also, once you have activated a cheat, you can turn it off by typing the code again. Incidentally, the cheat codes represent individuals who worked on bringing Peggle Deluxe to market.

Permanent Flippers Cheat Code: kathy

The ’kathy’ cheat code gives the player permanent flippers to use during gameplay. This is a HUGE advantage as it is common to have your Peggle balls fall down the right or left side. Using the flippers can help keep your Peggle balls alive or help you flip them into the ’Free Ball’ catcher.

Peggle Deluxe Permanent Flippers Cheat Code

Top Hat Cheat Code: steve

Although the ’steve’ cheat code doesn’t actually change gameplay in any way, it’s kind of fun. Add a tophat to your Peggle shooter for more sophisticated gameplay. Although it’s kind of hard to see in the image below, if you look closely, you can see the hat.

Peggle Deluxe Top Hat Cheat Code

Black Background Cheat Code: shanon

If you want a darker version of Peggle Deluxe, use the ’shanon’ cheat code to turn the background black. Again, this code doesn’t have any impact on gameplay, but visual variety is always nice.

Peggle Deluxe Black Background Cheat Code

Right-click Speedup Cheat Code: scott

The ’scott’ cheat code doesn’t offer any visible change to Peggle Deluxe gameplay, but can be used to speed up the gameplay.

Extreme Fever Zoom Camera Cheat Code: zoom

At the end of each Peggle level, the player gets to experience the ’Extreme Fever’ zoom camera. Basically, the final shot of the level is slowed down and the camera zooms in for a more dramatic effect. If this feels like a waste of time to you, just turn it off with the ’zoom’ cheat code.

Unlockable Rankings

To unlock rankings in Peggle Deluxe, you need to hit certain accomplishments during gameplay. Here is a list of rankings available for dedicated players:

  • Master of Peggle – Beat Adventure mode
  • Ultimate Master of Peggle – Beat all Challenges
  • Extreme Ultimate Master of Peggle – Beat all Challenges with 100% completion rating (in order to get this you have to remove 100% of pegs on every screen)

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