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Plants vs Zombies Achievements
Everyone knows Popcap Games designs great games. Seems like you can’t get on an airplane these days without see someone playing Bejeweled or Plants vs Zombies.

While their games always seem to feature great characters, a great storyline, and addictive gameplay, they are also known for two other things: Easter eggs and in-game achievements.

We’ve taken the time to put together a comprehensive achievements guide for the Game of the Year edition of Plants vs Zombies.

Each of the achievements listed shows the game icon and a brief description of what is required to earn it.

Game of the Year Edition Achievements Guide

The following list is a comprehension guide to all achievements available within the Game of the Year edition of Plants vs. Zombies.

Better Off Dead Achievement

Better Off Dead

Eat the brains of ten zombies consecutively in I, Zombie Endless to earn the Better Off Dead Achievement.

Spudow! Achievement


Blow up one or more zombies using a Potato Mine to earn the Spudown! Achievement.

Morticulturalist Achievement


Collect all 49 plants available in the game (this includes the plants from Crazy Dave’s shop) to earn the Morticulturalist Achievement.

Roll Some Heads Achievement

Roll Some Heads

Bowl down 5 zombies with a single Wall-nut to earn the Roll Some Heads Achievement.

Zombologist Achievement


Discover the secret Yeti zombie to earn the Zombologist Achievement.

Sunny Day Achievement

Sunny Day

Collect 8000 sun during a level to earn the Sunny Day Achievement.

Good Morning Achievement

Good Morning

Successfully complete any daytime level while planting only Mushrooms and Coffee Beans to earn the Good Morning Achievement.

Beyond The Grave Achievement

Beyond The Grave

Successfully beat all 20 mini games to earn the Beyond The Grave Achievement.

Towering Wisdom Achievement

Towering Wisdom

Grow your Tree of Wisdom to 100 feet or more to earn the Towering Wisdom Achievement.

Nobel Peas Prize Achievement

Nobel Peas Prize

Earn the golden Sunflower trophy during gameplay to earn the Nobel Peas Prize Achievement.

China Shop Achievement

China Shop

Attain a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Endless to earn the China Shop Achievement.

Explodonator Achievement


Destroy 10 full-sized zombies with one Cherry Bomb to earn the Explodonator Achievement.

Don't Pea In The Pool Achievement

Don’t Pea In The Pool

Successfully complete any daytime pool level without using any Peashooters to earn the Don’t Pea In The Pool Achievement.

Grounded Achievement


Successfully complete any normal roof level without using catapult plants to earn the Grounded Achievement.

Penny Pincher Achievement

Penny Pincher

Collect 30 coins on a row in one level without any disappearing to earn the Penny Pincher Achievement.

Popcorn Party Achievement

Popcorn Party

Destroy 2 Gargantuars with Corn Cob missiles in a single level to earn the Popcorn Party Achievement.

No Fungus Among Us Achievement

No Fungus Among Us

Successfully complete any nighttime level without planting any mushroom plants to earn the No Fungus Among Us Achievement.

Immortal Achievement


Survive 20 waves of zombie attacks to earn the Immortal Achievement.

Mustache Mode Achievement

Mustache Mode

Turn Mustache mode on to earn the Mustache Mode Achievement.

Steam Edition Achievement Additions

The following list shows the achievements that are unique to the Steam distributed version of Plants vs. Zombies.

Cryptozombologist Achievement


Discover the secret Yeti zombie (the non-Steam Game of the Year edition calls this the Zombologist Achievement)

Disco is Undead Achievement

Disco is Undead

Hypnotize the lead dancer zombie to earn the Disco is Undead Achievement

Achievements on Other Platforms

It should be noted this list of Plants vs Zombies Achievements are unique to the Game of the Year Edition of the game for PC and Mac gaming platforms. Other achievements are available for the Nintendo DS, the XBox 360, and all iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod) versions of the game

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