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Plants vs Zombies Cheats
Those of us who have played Plants vs Zombies know what an addictive, fun game it is. From the fifty different plants available for your army to the multitude of wacky Zombies crossing your lawn, you’re bound to get a laugh from every new level.

Want to have even more fun protecting your brains? How about Zombies in retro sunglasses or Zombies dancing? These are just two of the cheats coded into the game to ’enhance’ play. If you don’t want to “cheat” you can also check out our free Plants vs. Zombies strategy guide!

By typing any of the cheat codes shown in the table below during Plants vs Zombies game play, you can add new effects to the game and make a fun game even better! You don’t have to type the cheats in any specific location…just type them and the game will respond accordingly.

For those of you who are new to cheat codes (also known as Easter eggs), they represent additional ’hidden’ game triggers players can use to access new content, enhance gameplay, or just have a little fun. Popcap Games is known for including such Easter eggs in most of their games.

It should be pointed out that each code requires your Tree of Wisdom to be at a certain level. In the early stages of the game, some cheat codes will not work. However, the game will let you know your Tree of Wisdom isn’t tall enough…so you at least know the cheat code is legit. Have fun tricking out your PvZ gameplay!

Plants vs Zombies Cheat Codes

Type any of the following cheat codes during gameplay to see the effect take place. Remember, in some cases, you have to grow your Tree of Wisdom to a specific height in order to activate the code. In such cases, we’ve called out the minimum height required to activate the cheat.

pinata Cheat Code

Code: pinata

Effect: A shower of candy erupts from Zombie whenever one is destroyed.

Tree of Wisdom Height: 1000 Feet

trickedout Cheat Code

Code: trickedout

Effect: The appearance of the lawn mower is updated to a much more tricked out style.

future Cheat Code

Code: future

Effect: Give Zombies futuristic retro shades (is that a contradiction of terms?). It’s like you’re back in the ’80s.

daisies Cheat Code

Code: daisies

Effect: Zombies leave small patch of daisies behind when destroyed.

Tree of Wisdom Height: 100 Feet

mustache Cheat Code

Code: mustache

Effect: What Zombie doesn’t want a killer motorcycle cop mustache? Make it happen!

dance Cheat Code

Code: dance

Effect: Want to see some super-bad moves? Dance, Zombies, dance! FYI, this is different from the Dancing Zombies.

Tree of Wisdom Height: 500 Feet

The final Plants vs Zombies cheat code you can implement doesn’t result in any visual change to the game. It simply toggles the Zombie talk. Implement it and you’ll no longer hear the Zombies call for your BRAINS!!!!

Code: sukhbir

Effect: Turn Zombie’s brains-sound on and off (I can’t imagine wanting to do this).

Two Additional Tips for Gameplay Success

If you are new to Plants vs Zombies, it’s likely you are quick to build an army of plants to defend your home.

This technique may work in the early levels when the advancing Zombie army is small, slow, and underpowered. However, as the game progresses, it gets harder and harder to lead with power. Eventually, you’ll run out of sun and the Zombies will overrun your front lines.

The experienced Plants vs Zombies player knows what to focus on at the start of each level – sun, sun, and more sun! Without it, you’re brains are as good as eaten. Sun represents the energy you need to plant and sustain your army. Without an effective army the Zombies will overrun your lawn and all will be lost.

The question is, how do you insure you’ll have enough sun? After all, if you only plant Sunflowers, you’ll have no defenses to stop the advancing Zombies.

The trick here is balance.

Plants vs Zombies – Two Sunflower Columns

While you’re dropping Sunflowers on your lawn, Zombies will still be advancing. Left unchecked, they can (and will) take down your smiling Sunflowers quickly. However, said Zombies can be dealt with swiftly without deviating from our sun strategy.

In the early stages of the game, the Zombie front lines are sparse and slow moving. Don’t take this as an opportunity to sit on your heels and casually establish your sun economy. You’ll still have to deal with each advancing Zombie. The technique here is to use cheap one-hit-kill plants like Potato Mines and Squashes to give yourself time to establish at least two columns of Sunflowers.

For those who are addicted to Pea Shooters in the early stages of the game, consider this, Popcap Games cites the combination of Sunflowers and one-hit-kill plants as the #1 and #2 strategies in the official Plants vs Zombies gameplay tips documentation.

If you’re still hesitant to put so much effort into plants that don’t function as weapons, here is one more fact that should open your eyes. Ty Roberts, the Associate Producer of Plants vs Zombies, endorses this technique.

Enough said.

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