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Are you a fan of Hidden Object Games? Have you ever felt they helped you to find things faster in the real world? Well now science may be able to back up your claims! According to new research from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore playing casual games can enhance the spatial memory.

The two researchers Adam Chie-Ming Oei and Michael Donald Patterson published their findings recently after having conducted a 20 week study of “non-gamers” playing games like hidden object games and match 3 games.

Their goal was to compare these players to other players playing regular action games to see how they differed in learned skills.

According to Dr Patterson: “previous studies have reported that action games can improve cognitive skills, [but] this is the first study that compares multiple video games in a single study and show that different skills can be improved by playing different games.”

So while they found that non-gamers playing action games were better at tracking moving objects, the non-gamers who played hidden object games and match 3 games were better at performing visual searches.

The details of the study is published on the open journal platform here: Enhancing Cognition with Video Games: A Multiple Game Training Study.

So next time something is suddenly not where it is supposed to be then I know playing a couple of hidden object games or match 3 games will help me find the things faster.

The hidden object game that was tested was from the Hidden Expedition series, with the newest being Hidden Expedition: Devils Triangle, just if you wanted to exercise your key finding skills a bit.

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