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Have you played our exciting new hidden object adventure Midnight Castle? Whether you have been playing all along or have yet to check it out, Midnight Castle has been updated with new quests, characters, locations & items!!

Midnight Castle is more than a hidden-object, free-to-play game – it’s a mystery with fantasy elements. Your adventure begins when you inherit a castle, but it isn’t the kind of castle where a butler invites you in to sit in a cozy armchair by the fireplace. The world of the game is crammed with secrets, and features several enigmatic characters. Each are concerned with the big mystery – the Chamber of Wishes hidden somewhere in the very heart of the castle. And this is only the beginning!

  • Check out over 100 NEW quests with 2 BRAND NEW locations to uncover and explore!
  • Get introduced to 2 NEW characters along the way!
  • Experience helpful Airship upgrades! Now you only need 6 new items to send the ship and all other items will not be required.
  • Step up your Dice Game! Now opponents can get both gold and specialty items.

To get in the mood, download the Midnight Castle Wallpapers below!

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