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Ever contacted Customer Support and wondered who you are working with? Well, say hello to the Big Fish Games Customer Support team!

Big Fish Games Customer Support

You might think they spend their entire day answering emails and instant messages, but there is a lot more to being a part of Customer Support.

Between emails, chat sessions, and moderating Game Community, the Big Fish Games Customer Support team keeps pretty busy. Here are some fun facts about your friends in support:

We Love to Play Games

Hallway Bowling

Big Fish Games employees not only work together, we play together too!

Going out to play games after work or meeting up on the weekends really helps us relax and bond as a team. Whether it’s a movie, a board game, coffee, or sports, we always have a great time.

Speaking of sports, there are several Big Fish Games teams including softball, soccer, kickball, and even bowling. In fact, there are more Customer Support Representatives in the Big Fish Games bowling league than any other department!


Problem Solving? No Problem!

Talk Nerdy to MeWhen your computer decides to misbehave, our technical support team is here to get things working again. They love the challenge of solving tricky problems, and pride themselves on coming up with clever solutions.

In order to stay sharp, they eat, sleep, and breath technology. Don’t worry about bringing them your toughest problems. They eat this stuff up. Their motto is “Talk Nerdy to Me” so don’t hold back.


Champions of Multi-Tasking


Between emails, chat sessions, and hallway bowling there isn’t much time to waste. That being the case, the Customer Support team is quite skilled at multi-tasking. In a fast moving business like online gaming, it’s a necessity.

Look at this rep. He’s listening to a conference call (or is he listening to some music?) while riding a scooter to a meeting. It’s hard to be sure, but I think he’s also giving one of our Big Fish plush toys a ride on the handlebars!

Let’s just hope there aren’t any bumps in the carpet. LOL!

Fuel for The Fish

All this hard work can really bring on an appetite. To maintain our peak levels of performance, we rely on three main fuel sources: pretzels, trail mix, and gold fish (of course). In fact, here at Big Fish Games, we gobble up over 100 pounds of gold fish and over 200 pounds of trail mix every month! Good thing we have a work out facility on site.

Big Fish Games Snacks

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