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Get ready for a pand-tastic adventure! Big Fish is proud to announce this week’s release of Panda Pandamonim on iPhone and iPad. Download for free and start playing!

Made by the same award-winning team that brought you Fetch and the Drawn series, Panda Pandamonium is a one-of-a kind strategy puzzle game. Equal parts adorable Pandas, angry Dragons, hand-crafted levels, and strategic depth – Panda Pandamonium is a game that is accessible to all types of players.

Panda Pandamonium is loosely based on Mahjong and reinvents the challenge of matching tiles, giving players new strategies to pursue. The objective of the game is to save the cute, loveable pandas from the jaws of hungry dragons by matching pairs of tiles that crash through obstacles the dragons have set in your path. Players can take advantage of special level bonuses and ‘streaks’ to give themselves an edge in defeating the dragons and their minions. To earn a special level bonus, simply match all of the gold tiles in a level to fill the bonus meter. Once full, the bonus will activate, helping you clear sections of the board. Players can also earn special level bonuses through ‘streaks’ created by rapidly matching tiles WITHOUT making a mistake. Both methods conspire to give you an edge in saving the pandas!

For more on ‘streaks’ and bonuses, check out the “Panda Pandamonium Preview” video by JessicaPlays:

Panda Pandamonium has a star achievement system that challenges players to earn 3 stars on each level, but players only need to achieve at least 1 star to progress to the next level. If you get stuck on a level you can turn to a variety of boosts to help you out. Both boosts and extra lives can be purchased using Jade, the in-game currency. If you run out of Jade you can purchase more in the game store, or play the four daily challenges to win free Jade. Panda Pandamonium also lets you connect to Facebook to play with your friends by gifting each other extra lives, or by demolishing their high scores LIKE A BOSS!

With new lands, puzzles, and creatures being released each month it’s worth your while to introduce a little ‘pandemonium’ to your life! Panda Pandamonium is available now for free on iPhone and iPad!

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