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It had been months since Daily Magic Productions last allowed us into their offices for a visit. Finally, after weeks of trying to get in for an interview, we were offered an explanation… Back in July, while researching various rituals to create the next Dark Dimensions game, the team accidentally opened a portal, and a Dark Dimension may or may not have swallowed the studio for a while. During that time, the team managed to work together, forge a stronger alliance, and destroy the Dark Dimension… all while creating a brand-new game for you to enjoy!

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In Dark Dimensions: Homecoming, we once again follow the Dark Dimensions researcher from the previous games… but this time we have a solid lead on the whereabouts of our missing parents! I spoke to the game’s narrative “architect” (as he calls himself) to find out why they waited five games to close that chapter of the overarching story. This architect is a very secretive person – he refused to be named or even show his face during the interview. In fact, before he entered the room, all the lights went out for a second. When they turned back on, he was already sitting in the interview chair waiting to answer my first question.

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One of the most important aspects to maintaining a franchise is connecting each entry and figuring out how the games flow into each other. So far, Dark Dimensions has seen the player character endlessly searching for their missing parents. After secretly monitoring fan feedback, the architect recognized that players had actually forgotten this part of the story. With that in mind, he decided to put an end to the plotline so that the series could be pushed in a new direction. The first order of business was to create an ending that would finally resolve things without disappointing fans. Over the course of many weeks, the architect read stories, watched movies, and played games to uncover the key principles of ending a long series. He was not willing to give away details about the ending of the game… but he assures fans that it will be worth the wait!

The next piece of the puzzle was what Daily Magic calls the “roadblock” – the main obstacle players must overcome in the game. There are to key parts to the roadblock: the mystical force and the villain who controls that force. The architect scoured real-life ghost stories, legends, and strange history from America to come up with an interesting premise that will keep players at the edge of their seats. So what exactly is in store for players in the fifth installment of Dark Dimensions? Oh… only a classic haunted house turned completely on its head! The player will confront a mansion that can endlessly grow due to the dark and twisted will of an evil spirit. How the house grows and the secret it holds deep within its walls is an exciting mystery to solve, and it’s inspired by the true story of the Winchester mansion.

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While the architect would love to take full credit for the brilliant new story, he readily confesses that the game would never have been as strong without frequent idea sessions with the entire Daily Magic team. Every member of the team is asked to provide feedback and ideas during the writing process. This creates a stockpile of interesting ideas and opinions to work with. Even though the architect fancies himself an “up and coming master of horror” who wants to “teach Stephen King how to be scary,” he credits the overall story to solid teamwork and a common goal of creating the best game in Daily Magic’s history!

After the interview, I was allowed to play a little bit of the game. I can say firsthand that not only will fans not be disappointed… but they’ll be blown away! The game is a thrilling ride, and the Collector’s Edition unlocks even more secrets for players to enjoy. Luckily, you won’t have to wait long to play it!

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