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A few times a year, we sit down with Daily Magic Productions to discuss upcoming games, design philosophy, and supernatural happenings. Last month we introduced you to the team working on the latest Ominous Objects game. This time, we sat down with the developers to talk about the fourth entry in the Sable Maze series and its main theme: fear.


Sable Maze: Twelve Fears centers around how we deal with fear, how we get over it, and how it can paralyze us. Heavily inspired by movies like Seven, Saw, and the hit TV show Hannibal, Twelve Fears will focus on a villain who forces his victims to face their fears head-on in the most twisted way possible. Using a reality-bending gas, the villain twists the world around the player, transforming a harmless theme-park attraction into horrific series of nightmares!

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How did Daily Magic find the most terrifying phobias while still making a game that HOPA fans will enjoy? The answer is simple – they made a list of their own deepest, darkest fears. After all, everyone is afraid of something! Oddly enough, most of the Daily Magic team shared fears like spiders, heights, and the dark. The list of common phobias had to be completed via research. Eventually, Daily Magic had a refined and carefully selected list of 12 phobias that they could build unique and spooky locations around. The next step was harder, though – tying the fears to a theme-park attraction.


To better understand the aesthetic, Daily Magic had the terrible, awful, stressful task of going to a local theme park for research. They braved the dangerous rides, ate all kinds of unhealthy foods, and even risked their sanity in a hall of mirrors! After their horrific adventure, Daily Magic had all they needed to craft the world and environments for Sable Maze: Twelve Fears. The concept artist, no stranger to spooky landscapes, dove headfirst into his work, making sure that the essence of each fear was fully explored without overwhelming players. For nearly two months, he poured over ways to show abstract fears through believable visuals. Daily Magic expects him to be released from the sanitarium next month so he can start on his next project.

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After nearly a year of hard work from coders, artists, writers, and designers Sable Maze: Twelve Fears is finally ready to be played by the masses. Daily Magic hopes that their research into psychology, phobias, and overcoming fear will not only craft an interesting and scary game experience, but also help players think differently about their own fears. Fear is the only thing that can really stop us from achieving our goals and becoming great. To quote H.P. Lovecraft, the father of modern horror storytelling, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” Sable Maze: Twelve Fears is Daily Magic’s most adventurous narrative yet, and they truly hope that players will remember it for years to come.

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