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Have you ever wanted to take part in an epic adventure to recover the stolen Hope Diamond? Well, now you can on your PC, Mac or iPad! Big Fish, the world’s largest producer of casual games, has partnered with the Smithsonian to bring you a history-based iOS, PC and Mac adventure game like you’ve never seen before called Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond .

The Hope Diamond is a perfect subject for a video game, due to more than a half century’s worth of history that includes twists and turns, and sometimes tragic ends. The diamond’s owners are equally noteworthy, ranging from Louis XIV to Harry Winston. Working in conjunction with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, the Big Fish team incorporated the Hope Diamond’s history & facts into the game, along with actual places and other artifacts from the Smithsonian.

When asked about the partnership  Smithsonian Sr. Vice President, Carol Le Blancsaid, “Smithsonian is excited to be working with game developer Big Fish and their Hidden Expedition games. This collaboration allows Smithsonian to highlight one of its most iconic treasures, the Hope Diamond, in a unique way, to a new audience. Players will be amazed by the artistry of the game, the puzzles and the way historical information is incorporated into the game.”

In Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond you start on a train in the middle of nowhere, and a band of dangerous thieves demand that you tell them where to find the Hope Diamond’s shards. As the newest Hidden Expedition recruit, it’s a race to find the shards before the thieves do! In this exciting continuation of the Hidden Expedition series, your journey takes you from the Smithsonian Institution’s iconic castle to the remotest jungle as you track down the missing shards and learn the Hope Diamond’s many secrets.

The Hidden Expedition series is a collection of hidden object adventure games, where players explore scenes and lands, finding hidden objects within the scenes to help them progress or solve puzzles to further advance in the game. Other Hidden Expedition games in the series have you exploring the Amazon, Everest, the Titanic, & the Devil’s Triangle!

Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond is the next great addition to one of Big Fish’s most popular franchises, which has been played by over 25 million fans worldwide! Join them and have an epic adventure today on PC, Mac or iOS!!

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