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Out for a leisurely afternoon walk with your dog, his ball goes into the cemetery. The cemetery’s guardian, a specter named Hina, enlists you to help to save some tormented souls. Now, this is the point in the movie when you turn to look at me and all you see is the dust my running feet have kicked up. There is one problem. Hina is holding your dog hostage to coerce you to comply.

Find the spirits in the cemetery that need your help. Bring them what they want and a portal will open to take you to the object of their despair. The first spirit sends you to the zoo, where a reporter is trapped in a cage with a very hungry tiger! A bumbling thief is thwarting your efforts to save the reporter. The less-than-friendly penguins are on your side and stop the thief in their enclosure. Visit the other locations to save all the lost souls and free your dog.

Wait! Not so fast! You thought the nightmare was over, but a demon possesses your dog and runs off to the underworld. Find the entrance and tools you need to save your dog. Hina will do what she can to help, but it will not be much.

Collect medals scattered throughout the game to unlock mini-games to play with your puppy. Make toys, play tic-tac-toe and others in the Puppy Room. There are even trophies to earn!

The collector’s edition is packed full of extras that include wallpapers, concept art, screensavers, and music. Along with bonus gameplay, the Collector’s Edition also includes ability to replay the videos, mini-games and Hidden-object puzzles.

Stay tuned to Big Fish Games for the release of Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost Collector’s Edition!

Written by prpldva

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