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Alex Nawabi, a sony employee working in Retail Marketing Operations for PlayStation, is willing to go beyond his job title for players. The story starts when 21-year-old gamer Peter Byrne became frustrated with his gaming controller. The new Sony DualShock 4 controller had a large and very sensitive touchpad in the center of the controller. While this might offer some additional gaming options for the average player, it created a big obstacle for Byrne. The New Jersey gamer had a unique way of holding his traditional controller because of his cerebral palsy. The fancy DualShock 4 controller didn’t work with his modified grip.

When I play, I would hit the touchpad with my hand. It’s very sensitive…it would pause the game,Byrne says.

Here’s where Alex Nawabi comes into the story. Upon receiving Byrne’s complaint he responded the same day saying he would help out. On March 31st, Byrne was able to see exactly how much Alex was willing to help when he received his custom, modified controller in the mail. Nawabi had taken 3 controllers and worked for over 10 hours to reroute the touchpad button and create a usable device for Byrne. He wrote him a letter saying that there would be a second one in the mail too. Byrne was so excited that he posted the conversation on Facebook.

We hope Byrne is enjoying his new controller. Nawabi did note that he had voided the warranty.


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