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Let the countdown begin!

We scoured the globe to find the top selling games of all time. These games were chosen based on the number of units sold, not the total money made, so some 1980′s classics show up and get proper credit. We’d also like to note that all the top sellers were created by Nintendo.

  • 10 – New Super Mario Bros for Wii at 27.54 million units globally. This platform game released in 2009 and was most popular in North America.
  • 9 – Duck Hunt. That laughing dog still haunts our dreams with a fear of failure, but that didn’t stop the game from selling 28.31 million units since its release in 1984. This classic was designed for the old school Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • 8 – Wii Play introduced in 2006. The true genre of miscellaneous, this game had a little bit of everything from tanks to laser hockey and billiards. This popular title was a great way to learn how to use the Wii controller or just some good competitive party fun.
  • 7 – New Super Mario Bros was released in 2006 as the newest installment of the Mario platforms for DS, moving up the list to 29.51 units sold globally.
  • 6 – Tetris. Citing the Nintendo version as opposed to the Russian origin, this classic for the 1989 original Gameboy has sold 30.26 million units. (Also, we bet the music is running through your head right now.)
  • 5 – Pokemon. Referring to the Gameboy version from 1996 and known†as the Red/Green/Blue version, this role-playing adventure sold 31.37 million units in addition to inspiring extensive lines of cartoons and merchandise.
  • 4 – Wii Sports Resort. This 2009 sequel to the ever-popular Wii Sports adds Frisbee sword fighting, and archery to top 32.44 million units sold.
  • 3 – Mario Kart Wii. Release in 2009, this game lets you drive with a steering wheel instead of a controller, need we say more?
  • 2 – Super Mario Bros. Referring to the original Mario for Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985, this is where it all started. Today the game has sold 40.24 million units.
  • 1 – Wii Sports. Really, sports, not Mario is the number one seller and it blows all the other games out of the water with 82.11 million units sold. Released in 2006 this popular game lets even non-athletes, and non-gamers have a chance to play with friends. The first of its kind with a more active gaming experience, Wii set the bar for interactive fun.


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