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Consoles aren’t just for video games anymore. Consoles are commonly used in place of DVD players, cable tv, and an internet accessible computer. Whether it’s the versatility of the device or the experience as a whole wasn’t clear, but the fact that Americans used a gaming console more than any other device like a smart TV or DVR when connecting to the internet is easy to see. With 44% of surveyed households using these devices, they easily beat out the DVR, the next closest competitor, with only 12%.

Additionally, of the 10,000 people surveyed who watched video apps via consoles, 67% said they watch these at least once a week. It’s not just for apps either – 40% of households surveyed used their consoles for streaming video, averaging over 10 hours of viewing weekly. With so much versatility, game consoles seem like the next must-have electronic for all-in-one entertainment. It makes you wonder what will be added to the next generation of consoles.


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