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The European Union has chosen to promote creativity and the arts through a funding program called Creative Europe. Creative Europe was designed to support the culture and audiovisual sectors across borders. With a total budget of 1.46 billion Euros, the goal is to seize the opportunities of the digital age and globalization. The Creative program is open to all European Union countries, and also to non-EU members including Albania, Bosnia, Geogia, Moldova, SErvia, Turkey, and Ukraine – plus Norway and Iceland. Specific funding has been set aside for 250,000 artists and cultural professionals, 2,000 cinemas, 800 films, and 4,500 book translations. A subsection of the audiovisual support includes the MEDIA program, which also provides support to game developers.

So far ten game projects have been funded at 110,000 Euros each. Additional games have been funding with varying levels of support from 40,000 Euros – 75,000 Euros. Examples of the games being developed include:

  • Cosmic Top Secret Experience – the main characters are children of former Cold War spies
  • Ship Emergency Simiulator – players work their way up through the ranks of a ship in a game called the, “world’s first maritime career simulator”
  • SteamWorld Heist – a team explores the “remains of a destroyed world”
  • Future Unfolding – described as, “surrealistic adventure game about the mind during meditation and dreaming.”


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