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The Evil Geniuses are well known in Dota 2 competitive play. As top competitors in the Western gaming division, this team has taken first place finishes including the AVerMedia Cup, EiZo Cup, DotaCinema Roshan Pit, and now the Valve’s International Dota 2 tournament at Key arena in Seattle.

The eSports competitors played before a sold-out crowd in a tech city already host to Microsoft and Amazon. Over 12,00 spectators watched the five-person team compete for the top prize of $6.6 million. The Evil Geniuses competed among 16 elite Dota 2 teams for the top prize in a record-setting $18 million prize pool. The purse total not only set records, but exceeded the purse at major sporting events including the Masters, the Tour de France, and the Kentucky Derby.  Overall, the tournament had 176 games played by 18 teams over 11 days.


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