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Tetris is a video game that has stood the test of time, and also gone where no game has gone before! The first version of this classic block game was designed by Alexey Pajitnov in June 1984. Named from the Greek prefix tetra- and the sport of tennis, this game was the USSR’s first video game export to the US. A few years after its introduction, Tetris for Nintendo Gameboy gained popularity. It was this version that Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr A Serebrov brought with him in 1993 on a mission to the Mir space station. This made Tetris the first video game in space.

Some fun details about this cartridge’s voyage include:

  • Traveled in a Soyuz TM-17 rocket
  • Trip lasted 196 days and 17 hours
  • Orbited the Earth more than 3,000 times
  • Sold at auction in 2011 for $1220


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