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The world’s computer users will spend more than $50 billion on accessories or peripherals this year. The industry has already spawned its first billion-dollar company. And market researchers expect double-digit annual growth through 2020.

Much of the revenue growth comes from demanding hard-core gamers. As video games get more complex and competitive, the most dedicated players are looking for any edge they can get—like golfers looking for the longest hitting driver.

Billion-dollar accessories company Razer product tests their accessories with top e-sports athletes, aiming for high-performance. For example, Razer touts their DeathAdder Elite mouse as having the world’s highest tracking speed at 450 inches per second, and the most accurate optical sensor in the world, with 99.4% accuracy. It retails for $69.99.

Longtime accessory maker Logitech has shifted their focus toward gamers as well, releasing a line of high-performance gaming peripherals.

What’s next? Razer’s October 2016 acquisition of audio company THX (founded by George Lucas) provides a clue. THX has been building virtual reality headsets. In 2016, according to International Data Corporation, consumers bought 10 million VR headsets. They forecast sales to grow to more than 100 million units by 2020.


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