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Did you know that gaming is more than just a hobby? That’s right, some people have careers as professional gamers (not game developers, but gamers). Gaming is a spectator sport on the rise.

The #1 channel for watching professional gaming is the online streaming company Major League Gaming. Co-founded by Mike Sepso in 2002, MLG features both live events and streaming action. The most recent MLG Championship took place in August 2014 and was attended by 18,000 fans. An additional 2 million people watched online. The top prize of $25,000 was awarded to the team Evil Geniuses for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

In an industry now called eSports, MLG is the global leader with over 9,000,000 registered users in MLG Play, a cross-platform online gaming tournament system. Listed as the longest running eSports league in North America, the group is also home to the MLG ProCircuit. A big difference in this sports league compared to other traditional sports is the format it’s presented in. eSports are available to watch for free 24/7. The medium is ad-supported and offers premium battle events which viewers can watch for up to three hours for free.

As this arena continues to grow, so does the competition between players. Watch for more pro-gamers to emerge from the circuit in this exciting spectator competition.


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