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Looking at 2014 in review, the leading YouTube search terms were heavy on video game content. While it should be no surprise that Frozen and Beyonce were in the Top 10, you might not expect that they were less popular than Minecraft. Gaming was represented a second time by popular gaming commentator PewDiePie at #7. Included in the Top 10 also were Happy (assuming this refers to the Pharell Williams hit song from Despicable Me 2) and popular artists Eminem and Taylor Swift.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Minecraft (how do you not know about Minecraft anyway?) it is a family-friendly game that allows you to dig and build with 3D blocks. Almost like a marriage between real world Legos and old-school Sim City, this low res game guides you through survival and goal modes to build your home and eventual empire.


Known to his parents as Felix Kjellberg, PewDiePie is the online alias of this video game commentator from Sweden. He specializes in Let’s Play style videos and, as of August, is the owner of the most subscribed to YouTube channel. A celebrity in his own right, Kjellberg has appeared as himself on the TV show South Park and is considered a strong influence on the sale of indie games.


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