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With the rise of indie games and the proliferation of great development tools, gaming is bringing new opportunities to all corners of the globe. Some of the groups benefiting from this spread of technology include indigenous tribes. These two examples show a great way that these cultures have helped share their stories and are working to engage youth in learning about their unique legacies.

Never Alone

Never Alone features the Inupiaq tribes of Alaska. Spreading across 34 villages and representing about 19,000 people, the Cook Inlet Tribal Council wanted to find new ways to share their heritage. The game features striking artwork and enjoyable adventure game play that incorporates legends and stories of the First Nations people of Arctic Alaska. The game has been highly recognized and has received many positive reviews!

Love Punks

Love Punks is a group of kids involved in multimedia and gaming through the Yijala Yala Project. They’ve created items like the interactive comic Neomad, music videos, and an online game. These youth are from the Aboriginal Community of Roebourne, Australia. The Aboriginal population represents about 606,164 people, 2.7% of the population of the country. The youth involved used stop motion animation and custom illustrations to create their signature style. This is a truly unique gaming experience. you have to try it!

WE MADE THE LOVE PUNKS GAME (WITH SUBTITLES) from Yijala Yala Project on Vimeo.


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