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Sir Ernest Shackleton died trying to cross Antarctica. Juan Ponce de León never found the Fountain of Youth. Henry Hudson never located his Northeast Passage. You don’t have to reach your destination to become a legendary explorer.

This brings us to kurtjmac, Minecraft explorer. He embarked on the longest journey in the game’s history in April 2011, headed toward the Far Lands. More than 1300 miles later, he’s not yet one quarter of the way to his destination—if it even exists.

Yet Mac’s unfinished journey is already a success. Since he began documenting his journey on a YouTube channel, “Far Lands or Bust,” he’s garnered more than 375,000 subscribers. Thanks to YouTube ad revenue, he’s made enough to quit his day job and journey full time. Mac’s also partnered with the charity Child’s Play, which gets video game systems into the hands of hospitalized kids. Fans of his journey have donated more than $250,000 to the cause. Steady income and a quarter of a million toward helping sick kids—we’d say Mac’s trip is going pretty well so far. Even if it takes him another 19 years to finish it.


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