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In what might be the most epic sale in video game history, collectors_king, also known as 32-year-old Andre of Southern France, listed his almost indescribable collection for sale, asking $1.2 million. In July of 2012 this lifelong collector put up just a portion of his collection of games. It ended up selling for US $1,271,149.99 plus shipping; approximately US $1,271.15. But just what makes this collection so special?

Everything is in the box and complete. The game collection features sets for 22 different gaming systems, totally about 7,000 games. Each game is either new†or expertly repackaged and preserved, and most still have the instructions. Here’s an example from the original listing:

“100% Complete Famicom Cartridge Full set (around 1050 games): All games complete in box with instructions, many of them being brand new, and many extra stuff, like not for sale games, contest games (Gradius Archimedes, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Gold cart to name a few), rare hardware,etc.”

Think of this level of completion on 21 more classic consoles. Some of the games are so rare, that these are one of the only copies in the world, like Kunio-Kun Dodgeball Gold for the Super Famicom – of which only eight copies were ever produced.

You might wonder how Andre got these amazing collections, and he describes the process online:

“…please keep in mind i had dozens of thousands of copies of those games in hands during the last 20 years, and i only kept, each time, the VERY BEST copies for my personal collection, so you can be certain you’d get the best condition possible. As an example, for the PC Engine factory sealed fullset, i got sometimes more than 50 copies for a precise title, and i kept the BEST one out of the 50 for myself.”

Andre described himself to the LA Times as a big-time gamer until he was 25. He started putting these sets together over 15 years and enjoyed the challenge of completing a collection. While many wonder how Andre could get rid of such a treasure trove, don’t worry – he reports that he still has thousands of games he is keeping for himself.


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