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GRID 2 takes gaming to the next level, by offering not only a digital experience but a real-world race car too. Considered by Guinness to be the world record holder for most expensive video game for sale, this gaming package has it all. The package is available in the United Kingdom only and costs around £125,000 British pounds, which is the equivalent of over $185,000 US dollars. The packaged deal includes:

  • GRID 2 Racing Game
  • PlayStation 3 Console
  • 280 HP BAC Mono Supercar
  • Personal Racing Suit
  • Factory Car Customization

This deal definitely has it all with both the game and console to play it on, plus the buyer’s own car with full racing gear. With only one of these packages available, this promo coincided with the game’s 2013 release. Along with their haul of racing loot, the lucky purchaser also had the opportunity to visit the British BAC car factory and customize their fancy one-seat speeder.


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