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Close your eyes and listen to this voice. Sound familiar? It should. That’s Steve Blum, Guinness World Record holder for most video game appearances by a voice actor. Blum’s record stood at 333 credited game appearances in 2013, and he keeps moving the target on anyone hoping to catch him.

In 2014, Blum appeared in three more video games, including The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and The Legend of Korra. In 2015, he voiced characters in 4 more games, including Lex Luthor and Nightmare Batman for Infinite Crisis, and Tank Dempsey in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Blum is also well-known for voice work in animated shows, both originals and dubs of anime. He’s won awards for his work in that field too—including Best Male Lead Vocal Performance for voicing Zarik “Dingo” Kajiwara in the 2015 anime special Expelled from Paradise.

All told, Blum has voiced 781 different characters. He’s probably best known for his over-the-top portrayals of video game and animated series villains. See some of his video game appearances on the YouTube compilation The Many Voices of Steve Blum in Video Games. (Writes a commenter on the video: “So, basically, Steve Blum is everybody.”)

Thinking about going for the record yourself? Blum himself will give you advice on his blog. “Above everything,” he writes, “listen.”


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