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Move over San Francisco!

Seattle is becoming the new center of gaming in the development community. Long known as a tech hub, Seattle is embracing the gaming community with open arms. Currently, home to over 16,500 gaming employees at over 300 different companies the numbers are still on the rise. Notable groups from the GeekWire 200 include Nintendo, Microsoft, 343 Industries, Big Fish Games, PopCap Games, Bungie, WildTangent, Z2, and U4iA.

But why is Seattle so popular? Part of it may be the culture. Seattle is home to PAX Prime, considered one of the original and most important gaming conventions in the world. PAX Prime hosts over 70,000 gamers each year to it’s sold out 3-day party. In addition to PAX Prime, there are multiple offshoot conventions appealing to gamer culture like GeekGirl Con, MineCraft Con (1st annual) and multiple Hackathon events.

The city is primed to fit gamer culture, with high-tech training programs like the University of Washington and Digipen. Yet, with all these offerings, getting around is convenient with a solid bus and car share system – most locations are only 20 minutes away. Additionally, the Pacific Northwest offers more affordable rents and housing with a great dose of the outdoors, appealing to tech culture in almost every way.


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