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Did you know that gaming isn’t just for kids, or even young adults anymore?

27% of active gamers in the united states are 50+ years old!

In addition to being a growing demographic in the gaming industry, statistics show how seniors are spending their money. While the majority of senior money goes to housing and healthcare, senior expenditures are increasing on hobby-related activities. For seniors aged 65 to 74, one of the top fastest-growing expenditure categories is miscellaneous entertainment, which accounts for 9.8% growth annually since 1990. This category includes photography, camping and boating, and of course – electronic video games.

And seniors aren’t just getting into gaming, but they are also getting organized. The National Senior Wii Bowling League is an example of a widespread and fast-growing pastime. The past season (2015) consisted of over 1,500 bowlers from 310 teams, representing a total of 100 communities across 26 states. Groups are organized into four-person teams that are divided into divisions. The groups play a 7 week schedule followed by a 3-4 week conference playoff. The league is represented by many 55+ communities and senior living groups.


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