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Seniors are using gaming as a way to stay active and alert, and as an ideal hobby to combat aging. Research is backing up this entertainment with some promising conclusions too.  Researchers at the University of North Carolina tested 140 independently living adults ( who averaged 77.47 years of age). The gamers were divided into three groups consisting of regular gamers, occasional gamers, and non-gamers. Participants from both gaming and non-gaming groups were tested for well-being, negative affect, social functioning, and depression. Some interesting facts of note from the study include that 60% of the sample was at least an occasional gamer, and that gaming was not associated with a specific age segment or education level.

As many as 17% of these gamers played games on a daily basis. Favorite games for seniors spanned a wide range, including everything from computer solitaire and card games to puzzles like crosswords and Soduko and even console games like Wii bowling. Additional studies are ongoing on the subject, but research so far seems to indicate that gaming is beneficial for seniors, no matter which game they choose – and that gaming is here to stay as a senior pastime.


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