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Drones—is there anything they can’t do? Now, thanks to drone technology, and dozens of hours of hard work, it’s possible to play Space Invaders in real life. A team of drone experts, interactive designers, software developers, and a metal-working expert built SpacedOut—a simulation of the 1978 video game classic—for Israel’s GeekCon 2016 makers conference.

The team outfitted drones with LED lights that replicated the look of the “spacecraft” in the original game. They also wrote special autonomous flight software to control the drones. The player sat in a lounge chair that could move left or right, and fired a laser rocket at the drones. Five hits, and the drone was “out” and was piloted to the ground.

The software that controlled the drones was developed by vHive, a start-up drone company that markets commercial uses for drones like mapping, surveying, and aerial inspections.

SpacedOut joins a worldwide tradition of bringing games to life. Dark Pixel, a Provo, Utah, video studio, recreated Super Mario Bros. with parkour experts. Remy Gaillard, a prank video maker, surprised shoppers, golfers, and billiard players with the unexpected entrance of Pac-Man being chased by ghosts. Here’s Plants vs. Zombies done in costume, with pong shooters.

Another tactic—turning real-life into video games. The Cauldron re-created the highlights of Super Bowl 50 in the popular 90′s football game Tecmo Bowl.

Seems like a good icebreaker: Which video game would you like to act out in real life?


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