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Most people have heard of Fantasy Football, but have you heard of Fantasy Gaming? As video game players increase in skill and move to the professional eSports arena, the action for fans has been increasing too. Looking to capitalize on the rise of eSports, Venice-based businessman Todd Peterson has founded Alpha Draft – the first ever Fantasy Gaming Platform.

Players get to selection their ideal fantasy rosters based on real-life eSports gamers (professionals). Adding and interactive option to streaming services such as Twitch and Major League Gaming, the site offers both daily and weekly contests. So far in 2015, the site has processed an estimated $250 million in wagers, and expects that number to rise to around $23 billion by 2020. It’s clear that professional gaming is big business!

As of September 2015, AlphaDraft was aquired by FanDuel , a popular fantasy gaming group well-known for Fantasy Football.

[If you are interested in online fantasy play, make sure to check your local laws, as different states and countries have rules about online wagers and winnings.]


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