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Most teens are avid gamers, but stats tell us that the way guys and girls choose to game are quite different. Games like Call of Duty and other social shooters typically appeal to males of all ages. Teen girls enjoy video games as much as the boys, but often prefer a more solitary gaming experience over a social one, and often avoid the online multiplayer games that are popular with their male counterparts.

Research shows that 59% of teen girls (aged 13-17) play video games. 35% of these girls enjoy role playing games specifically. 32% of girls enjoy mobile games on phone or tablets. Less popular among teen girls are social interactions, with only 28% of girls reporting using voice chat while playing. When meeting new friends, only 7% of girls will exchange their gaming handle, compared to 38% of boys. In fact, while 55% of teen girls reporting texting every day, only 7% report voice chatting in games on a daily basis.


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